We have 4 fold treatment plans



As we all know art and science are inter related and inseparable. Every art has its foundation in science, and every science finds its expression in art.Homoeopathy is both an art and science. The successful homoeopathic physician must be both an artist and a scientist. Theory and practice both are the sides of same coin for a physician.

Homoeopathy was founded and developed into a logical scientific system by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) under the principles of Inductive Method of Science. Its practice is governed by the principle of SYMPTOM- SIMILARITY, which is the application in medicine of the universal principle of mutual action formulated by Sir Issac Newton in his third law of motion “action and reaction are means “equal and opposite”.

Homoeopathy is refined natural system of medicine based on the natural law of ‘SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR’ i.e. ‘let like be cured by like’ and that’s how word homoeopathy came in, “Homoeos” means “similar”, “pathos” means “suffering”. Dr. Hahnemann concluded that medicines cure diseases only because they can produce similar symptoms in healthy individuals.  As a pre requisite to clear understanding of the subject, as well as to attain efficiency in practical application of its principles, it is assumed that homoeopathy is a complete system of therapeutic medication. As a scientific system it is made up of certain facts, laws, rules, and methods, each of which is the integral part of the whole system.


What we today relate as psychosomatic diseases, was actually found ages back by Dr. Hahnemann. He showed inter relationship between body, mind and soul. Its not only the specific organ which gets diseases its whole organism who is suffering and needs to be treated. The human body stands as a single entity with the mind and body as an indivisible continuum and the old concept of mind-body dualism seems more obsolete than ever. Homoeopathy aims at creating, bring about internal harmony of the mind, body and spirit, must operate in such a way that there is complete peace, there is no disturbance in the body as a whole or in any part of the body. Practice of Homoeopathy, tries to cure the man as a whole, it creates balance where there is imbalance.


As no two remedies are alike similarlily no two patients are same for homoeopathic physician. Therefore general and mental case taking is given special emphasis in homoeopathy so as to discriminate between two medicines and thus between two patients. Dr. Hahnemann clearly stated that “each medicine produces particular effects in the body of man, and no other medicinal substance can create any that are precisely similar”. In homeopathy each individual is considered as a distinct entity with certain characteristics of his own and based on these characteristics we choose an identical medicinal picture.

Some points necessary to perform INDIVIDUALISATION are:

  • Complete symptoms.
  • Modalities and Concomitant symptom.
  • Signs, appearance, behavior, gait and expressions.
  • Mental reactions and symptoms.
  • Past History, Family History, and Personal History