As Promoter of Homoeopathy

Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla has produced some short audio visual films on Homoeopathy. His aim is to promote homoeopathy as a complete medicine and treatment. There are many myths in the minds of people regarding homoeopathy. By these audio visual advertisements, he has tried to make people aware about the results of homoeopathy and resolve all myths. People think that homoeopathy contains steroids but to bring awareness to people, that homoeopathy does not contain steroids and it is the safest mode of treatment. He has made 4 audio visual advertisements showing that there is treatment for all diseases in homoeopathy. These advertisements are run in many National Channels 4 times a day to promote homoeopathy. These advertisements are run at Railway Stations also so as to reach maximum number of people. These advertisements are made in public interest.

He feels honoured in media promotion of his slogan HOMOEOPATHY HAI NAA (which is registered trademark slogan of Dr. Lal Singh’s Foundation). He has been quite successful in his efforts in promoting homoeopathy through this.