As President of Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation

Dr Sanjeev Singh Chawla always remember his father Dr. Lal Singh’s words “if in the course of one day, you smile and are able to make a child or a person smile during their painful period, you would have done your bit; you would have given their life a meaning.” This explains why Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation tries to “bring back the smile to people in need of care and support, medication and education, while they are passing through the difficult phase of life, where a poor person feels helpless.

Today as a president and Founder of Dr Lal Singh’s Foundation Dr Chawla feels honored to serve the society by treating and curing almost all medical problems through our free medical camps and charitable Homoeopathy dispensaries. In the past 4 years, he was able to serve more than lakhs of patients. He feel privileged in sharing with you that with the media promotion of our slogan HOMOEOPATHY HAI NAA (which is registered trade mark slogan of Dr. Lal Singh’s foundation), he has been successfully promoting homoeopathy. In an effort to popularize this science among one and all, a 24 hours helpline for homoeopathy- 01141600016 has also been set up. Friends you will be surprised and sad to know that we have received more than a million calls, most of them enquiring what homoeopathy is?? He feels happy that he was able to educate atleast the people of Delhi and NCR about efficacy of homoeopathy and how it cures. Thus, spreading awareness and educating masses about the myths and facts related to homoeopathy.

When we talk about parallel status of homoeopathy to that of modern medicine, we know we need to be updated in our knowledge. And for doing that we are not running away from our responsibility. He promoted and educated the homoeopaths associated with us by sharing Dr. Lal Singh’s more than 4 decades vast successful clinical experience along with the nutraceutical way of healing with homoeopathic medicines and also time to time tested them for their knowledge and given them certificates and awards.